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Crochet.land - Price your craft

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Android Version Icon5.1+
Android Version
1.19.1(09-08-2021)Latest version
(2 Reviews)
Age ratingPEGI-3

Description of Crochet.land - Price your craft

Having trouble pricing your handmade goods?

Need a easy-peasy-lemon-squeeze way to count time and keep track of the rows?

Stopped crocheting or knitting a long time ago and forgot which hook or needle were using?

We are here to the rescue!

In order to know how much should you charge, you need to know how much time you did spent making it. To open a chronometer, and having a notebook around… That doesn’t seem fun at all. Especially if we work in several projects at a time (come on, we know you do).


Create a new project, open it and hit play.

When you stop crocheting or knitting press PAUSE.

Register the materials you're using, and the hooks or needles, you will never forget what hook you where using, even if you don’t touch the same project for months

In your profile, you can change your hourly wage, the index used, etc

Manage multiple projects at the same time. No matter how much time takes to go back to it, when you do, just press play, and the time keeps going from when you stopped.

You can use the info on previous projects to know how to price new ones in the future!

Some features

- Chronometer

- Row counter

- Supply list

- Add pictures to your projects

- link to the pattern

- Notebook

- Pricing suggestion

and more!

All info about your projects will be safe at the cloud! Log in to have them on any device you want!

This app is a tech-baby born from a crocheter journalist and a hyperactive coder. Made with love to help out every fellow maker around the globe to work better, faster and smarter! So they can focus on making, and we do the scary math part of the job. You are welcome.

App from the creators of: http://crochet.land (portuguese)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/crochetland

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crochet.land/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/face.crochet.land/

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Give us 5 stars, so we can love you back!

Crochet.land - Price your craft - Version 1.19.1

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2 Reviews
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Crochet.land - Price your craft - APK Information

APK Version: 1.19.1Package: land.crochet.app
Android compatability: 5.1+ (Lollipop)
Developer:Crochet.LandPrivacy Policy:http://crochet.land/politica-de-privacidadePermissions:13
Name: Crochet.land - Price your craftSize: 17 MBDownloads: 714Version : 1.19.1Release Date: 2022-12-12 12:26:32Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU: arm64-v8a
Package ID: land.crochet.appSHA1 Signature: 5F:A0:BA:CC:1E:4B:4B:BF:EF:8C:8B:A9:C4:37:19:24:63:4D:CD:6CDeveloper (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

Latest Version of Crochet.land - Price your craft

1.19.1Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size

Other versions

1.19.0Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size
1.18.6Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size
1.18.5Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size
1.18.3Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size
1.18.2Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size
1.18.1Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads17 MB Size
1.17.0Trust Icon Versions
714 downloads16.5 MB Size
1.16.1Trust Icon Versions
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